Advisors/Support People

If you are an advisor or support person who would like to assist a respondent in an investigation, please see the following links provided by the Title IX Team. Respondent Support Services can provide support as a support person for any student involved in an investigation. 

For Support Persons and Advisors, it is critical to know what support people can and cannot do within the adjudication process, and any documentation required for your participation.

Support Persons

A support person serves to provide the respondent with assistance and aide regarding the adjudication process. Support people do not give guidance on the process or details of the investigation, but rather provide emotional assistance. They have a more limited capacity throughout the investigation. 

To access and sign the Support Person Agreement, please click here.


The role of an advisor is primarily to help a respondent navigate the policy and process surrounding an investigation. They are encouraged to be well versed in Title IX adjudication procedures, and they support the respondent procedurally. 

For both advisors and support people, a FERPA Release/Release of Records must be signed and submitted to the Title IX office.